Clean, Renewable, Energy Systems

Metamorphosis Energy is a clean energy company providing renewable energy solutions for any aspect of energy consumption. What sets Metamorphosis Energy apart is the ability to take multiple facets of renewable energy systems and use them together to create solutions never before achieved.
Mark Victor Hansen

Clean, green, sustainable energy will save the economy and the environment and paves the way for our children's future.


Energy independence for everyone, everywhere.

Metamorphosis Energy was Founded by Mark Victor Hansen, worldwide bestselling author of titles like Chicken Soup for the Soul, and One Minute Millionaire.   His journey into finding and implementing sustainable energy solutions for the planet began as a Graduate student at Southern Illinois University. There Mark had the privilege of becoming a research assistant to world renown scientist and inventor, R. Buckminster Fuller, who was one of Albert Einstein's best students.  He was inspired and impacted for life by Fuller’s mentorship.  

Mark accepted Bucky's idea to create energy self-sufficiency over 40 years ago. With over half a billion books sold, he sold his Chicken Soup for the Soul company and followed his commitment to his true passion and life's work to make a massive change in the world. Mark invested into the next level of clean technologies and later founded Metamorphosis Energy, a renewable energy development company. Mark says, “If you looked at a caterpillar for the first time, you would never predict a butterfly.” With a leading-edge team and network partners, Metamorphosis symbolizes the massive changes happening for a better functioning world. Mark has spent his life leading people to a better vision. Never before has his visionary leadership been more impactful to make our planet a place where we can all thrive with the highest quality of life. 


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Coolidge Ground Mount
Coolidge, AZ This 100 kW ground mount system was installed for the commercial client in record time and within budget.


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