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How Much Carbon Dioxide Can Our Planet Handle?

There has been a tremendous amount of discussion about whether global warming is real or not and if it is, what is causing it. In NASA’s Earth Observatory publication there is an interesting discussion on the carbon dioxide cycles, and the changes they’re observing in those cycles. It’s interesting to look at the data and decide for yourself where you believe the earth’s population is headed in terms of being able to handle the concerns of a planet that could become much hotter in the future.

At Metamorphosis Energy, we don’t feel it’s necessary to debate global warming or what’s causing it. We like to focus on the obvious: dirty, unbreathable air. If you’ve spent a few weeks in Beijing or Delhi like we have, you’ll quickly realize that there is a point of CO2 concentrations at which life simply couldn’t safely exist.

Cleaner air is only one important factor when considering implementing a renewable energy system for your business. The decreasing cost of solar power, wind power, and more durable, lasting battery back-up which can also be couple with hydrogen back-up systems are making a lot of economic sense for businesses as well as creating energy self-sufficiency.

To read the NASA report on The Changing Effects of the Carbon Cycle:

Companies Can Save Money by Going Green

With all of the advances in renewable energy technologies, and the cost of those technologies coming down, more and more companies and small businesses are taking advantage of the opportunity to save money, become more resilient and less vulnerable to power outages or malicious attacks to the grid, and last but certainly not least to do their part to minimize the ever rising carbon footprint on our planet. This report by Shelly Frost from Chron for small businesses says that,

Once the equipment is installed, alternative energy sources are cheaper than the traditional fossil fuel energy sources. The reduced overhead from decreasing utility bills increases the company’s profits or allows that money to be allocated to other uses. The specific amount the company saves on energy costs depends on the size of the building and the type of operations. The savings is greater for larger companies, especially those that perform work that relies heavily on energy use, such as a company with lots of machinery that runs all day.

The article is really helpful in its discussion of financing options for solar power, wind power, and battery storage power and how to take advantage of the multitudinous programs available to help offset those costs including: government incentives, grants, and loans.

Metamorphosis energy is available to talk through all of your options as a business to join into the effort to take charge of your own energy use and do your part to the sustainability of the planet, as well as keeping your lights on and your computers humming no matter what emergencies should happen!

To read the full article:

D.O.E Study on Renewable Energy Future for U.S.

Metamorphosis Energy’s goals for helping America generate more than 50% of it’s power from clean sources is supported by a study done by the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). This comprehensive study shows that the U.S. can generate most of it’s electricity from renewable energy by 2050.
The study demonstrates that combining an array of different renewable energy sources such as wind turbines, solar photovoltaics, bio-fuels, geothermal and hydropower can meet our energy demands 24/7 year-round.
As a company we’re dedicated to helping achieve those standards to pave the way for a more renewable, sustainable energy installations which can create more safety and resiliency for self-sufficient cities, counties, and communities

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Projects Utilizing our Patented Solar Awnings

Metamorphosis Energy utilizes several special proprietary designs for our solar awnings to maximize for sun exposure and create a perfect awning array for any commercial or retail center. Many of the businesses we work with find that just by utilizing existing parking space, they are able to offset the cost of costly utility bills, while raising the quality of their customer experience. The cost of energy savings can often pay for the cost of solar awnings or solar carports within several years.

Retail Solar Parking Area

We’re helping businesses and companies, large and small, take advantage of every opportunity to lessen their negative impact on the carbon footprint, while reducing their own energy costs and improving their bottom line. Utilizing existing parking lot space with solar awnings or solar carports is a very practical way to achieve all of these objectives and create a more comfortable experience for their clients and patrons.

Large Scale Agricultural Solar Farm

Installation of a 1.2 MW solar system for a large lemon grower, Limoneira Company, in California. Metamorphosis Energy is putting more resources into sourcing our agricultural communities so that operations of our food supply providers aren’t adding to the carbon footprint. We believe that supplementing food growing and production operations around the country with solar power, wind power, and green hydrogen is an important step in supporting the needs of our growing population while having as little negative effect as possible on our environment.