How Much Carbon Dioxide Can Our Planet Handle?

There has been a tremendous amount of discussion about whether global warming is real or not and if it is, what is causing it. In NASA’s Earth Observatory publication there is an interesting discussion on the carbon dioxide cycles, and the changes they’re observing in those cycles. It’s interesting to look at the data and decide for yourself where you believe the earth’s population is headed in terms of being able to handle the concerns of a planet that could become much hotter in the future.

At Metamorphosis Energy, we don’t feel it’s necessary to debate global warming or what’s causing it. We like to focus on the obvious: dirty, unbreathable air. If you’ve spent a few weeks in Beijing or Delhi like we have, you’ll quickly realize that there is a point of CO2 concentrations at which life simply couldn’t safely exist.

Cleaner air is only one important factor when considering implementing a renewable energy system for your business. The decreasing cost of solar power, wind power, and more durable, lasting battery back-up which can also be couple with hydrogen back-up systems are making a lot of economic sense for businesses as well as creating energy self-sufficiency.

To read the NASA report on The Changing Effects of the Carbon Cycle: