Our team of visionaries–with decades of experience in renewable, clean energy, employ unique and creative solutions that are easy, fast, and cost effective to implement.


Mark Victor Hansen, CEO and Co-Chairman


As a graduate student at Southern Illinois University Mark had the privilege of becoming a Research Assistant to world renowned R. Buckminster Fuller, working, studying, and traveling with him for seven years.

Fuller taught Mark that we must develop natural, self-replenishing solar, wind, tidal, and geothermal energy to facilitate the physical and economic success of the world for 100% of humanity. When we have plentiful, sustainable energy, we can create plenty of clean, fresh, potable water. With ample water, we can grow abundant and nourishing food for our expanding population.


Mark accepted Bucky’s idea to create energy self-sufficiency over forty years ago and committed himself to its comprehensive realization. With the resources from the enormous number of books sold—over 500,000,000–licensing and ultimately, selling the Chicken Soup for the Soul company, he invested into the next level of clean technologies to realize those goals. Mark and his wife, Crystal Hansen, have made this goal their focus and commitment to their life’s work. They created Metamorphosis Energy LLC, to facilitate comprehensive energy solutions around the globe. With that world changing goal, they have aggregated an unbeatable leadership team, dedicated to positively affecting over a billion people in the next decade.

Crystal Dwyer Hansen, President and Co-Chairman


Crystal Hansen is a business strategist and successful entrepreneur, speaker, and author in the US and China. She is the creator and founder of Crystalvisionlife.com, Skinnylife.com, and Metamorphosis Energy, LLC, As a certified business coach, and wellness expert, Crystal’s personal coaching, speaking, CD and video programs, books, and articles have helped people all over the world. Crystal is a valuable partner in providing project and business development oversight, marketing expertise and national and international strategic connections.

Her vision for the Metamorphosis Energy team is to expand our national and international presence so that clean energy and fresh breathable air become the norm everywhere, not the exception. Crystal and her husband Mark Victor are also principal, founding owners of Natural Power Concepts headquartered in Oahu, Hawaii.

Preston Weekes, Chief Operations Officer


Preston has a rich and diverse background in both operations and design and has played a key role in successfully starting and creating rapid growth in a number of small businesses. Much of his experience comes from the automotive industry, successfully building, growing, and selling multiple automotive businesses over the past 15 years. His experience has given him an extensive knowledge in the field of engines, fuels, and mechanical operations of machinery running large shops and teams in this industry.

With a degree in Communications and Public Relations from Utah Valley University and a background in Architecture and Engineering technologies. He has worked as an Architectural designer for companies like Brower and Associates, Architectural Productions International, and Certified Roof Consulting, doing the design work on many office complexes, medical centers, residential applications, and LDS temples and churchesHe ran  and design analytics for Intermountain Power Plant reviewing power plant facilities and helping balance cost expense forecasting for the plants multimillion dollar annual budget.

Preston has given back to his community donating his time and efforts to train and teach in youth programs. He has dedicated time to be a leader and Scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts of America teaching youth strong values and principles. He has been a trainer by donating his time to uplift, teach and train the youth of his community.

As a entrepreneur and business leader Preston understands the needs for clean renewable technologies and has spent time and efforts to help progress the demands, acceptance and adoption of clean renewable energy sources and is now teamed up with Metamorphosis Energy to help bring the world solutions to for clean water and energy.



Chad Stuckey, Chief Commercial Officer


Chad manages our commercial relationships across a number of industry sectors, and has over 20 years of experience in sales management, marketing, strategic initiatives and business development. At Metamorphosis, Chad ensures that our clients are able to fully leverage the financial and marketing benefits of their renewable energy initiatives. In addition, he is developing strategies for greater renewable energy adoption across a number of different industries and organizations. Prior to joining Metamorphosis, Chad held management positions for a number of international manufacturers and distributors in the solar industry. Chad holds a BA in Communications from the University of Pittsburgh.

Paul Townsend, Strategic Project Manager


Paul Townsend is a valuable partner in Metamorphosis Energy bringing over 15 years of experience in the renewables energy sector with extensive experience in utility and commercial project development, project financing, consulting, construction and product development. Paul has worked with large family office and agricultural partners and developed successful strategies for the deployment of solar and battery assets across commercial portfolios. Previously, he served as an investment banker for large commercial real estate developers and owners.

Paul share’s the Metamorphosis vision of creating and leaving a clean environment to our children and grandchildren. He has two children and is a graduate of University of Oregon.