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                                 Money Saving Renewable Energy Independence                        


  • Companies are paying too much of their profits to the in electrical bills and peak demand charges..
  • Increasing demands of the current power grid leaves companies vulnerable to rate hikes. 
  • Most car manufacturers are committing to go all electric vehicles by 2020.  As these electric vehicles come online there will be a gigantic power demand increase which could tax the current grid.
  •  Businesses that rely on critical electricity for their operations will be vulnerable to grid instability.

Reliability for stable electrical energy will increasingly become an issue for big electricity consumers.

Guidance for Your Optimal Choice

Metamorphosis Energy will guide you so you can make the best choices for your company power stability and reliability.

Battery costs have greatly decreased and battery efficiencies have greatly increased so you now can have the ability to run smoothly on and off grid.

We use top strategies of peak shaving and other various techniques to help offset the cost of the battery system.

We not only tailor a custom design for your job, but we engage the perfect team from our top tier installation force best suit your industry and needs.  We carefully manage your project from start to finish so you can sit back and relax knowing you’re getting the best product and service available in the industry

Successful Power Management

You can create a stable, safe power storage environment for your business so no change in work flow is ever experienced with your operations.

  •               Containerized, highly modularized structure
  •               Easy transportation, installation, construction, and maintenance
  •               Integrated battery management system
  •                Self-monitors current, voltage, and temperature of each cell
  •                Remote and local monitoring system with digital control.
  •                Runs automatically with remote diagnosis and reset function.
  •               No on-site attendant necessary.
  •                Intelligent cool air control inside container to stabilize at normal room                      temp
  •                Emergency lighting and indoor lighting systems.
  •                Interior fire protection system including sound and light alarm.               
  •               Automatic shut-down system seals container while extinguishing system                activated.

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