Hydrogen Service

Hydrogen can be an important component of a resilient, efficient clean energy system. We like to think of hydrogen as liquid sunshine and wind, as it allows us to capture energy created without waste and store it in unlimited amounts.

3D render illustration of the set of different orange metal steel liquefied compressed natural hydrogen gas containers or cylinders with high pressure gauge meters and valves isolated on white background

Why green, renewable hydrogen for our energy future?

  • Renewable energy production depends upon intermediate storage.
  • The world needs a new energy carrier to supplement or replace oil and gas.
  • Hydrogen is the element with the highest energy density.
  • Hydrogen provides a much longer term and more stable back up than batteries.
  • Hydrogen can be produced from water and renewable energy.
  • The electric grids do not have the capacity to handle the entire future energy demand.
  • Hydrogen helps meet the demand for stable energy supply because of the fluctuating nature of renewable energy sources.