We make LED Fit your Budget to Take Control of your Energy Costs

● Custom built for Your Application

● Value Engineering

● Installation and Product Savings

● Premium Components

● High Efficiency

● 5 Year Warranty

Maximize Your Saving

Save up to 20%- 30% on most lighting budgets.

State of the art logistics team to create more efficiency for every project

Customized Manufacture Expedited

Standard (minor customization) 3-5 weeks

Fully Customized and Developed: 2-3 months

Project Timeline

The priority is your project. By managing the manufacturing and shipping process.

We can match your schedule and still save you money.

We Pass along Savings to you at Every Level

Project Cost

Annual Energy Savings

Annual Maintenance Savings


Product Costs


Strategic Shipping

We Handle Everything

Depending on the plan you pick we can take care of it all!

  • Lighting Audit
  • Engineering
  •   Sourcing
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    Custom built lights specifically made for your application 
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    Service and Maintenance
  • Manufacturing coordination
  • Quality testing
  • Shipping
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    Project Managment
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Premium Light Fixtures

Aviato Pendant

Breaking down the assumption that all LEDs are industrial is accomplished by this pendant.Not only is it energy efficient, but it serves as a functional work of art.

Cado Troffer

This premium grade troffer combines modern efficiency with the classic aesthetic. Dieformed, heavy gauge steel allows the fixture to dissipate heat and keeps your work space cooler without limiting light output.

Aero Streetlight

The importance of night time outdoor visibility is indisputable, that's why we created the Aero streetlight. It is made with high output, Lumiled LEDs and has customizable beam angles for effective light distribution.

Apollo High Bay

Maximize visibility with this versatile high bay troffer made for the warehouse applictaion. Light, durable, high-grade steel along with the rectangular configuration allows for easy installation and will out last most fixtures on the market.

State of the Art LED Lighting Paid for with Energy Savings 

Program Highlights

  • 2.99% APR
  •  (best market rate)
  • 90-day deferred payment
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    One page application
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    Quick approval


From day one an LED upgrade will:

  • reduce your utility bill
  •  increase your asset value
  • eliminate costly maintenance expense
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     greatly improve your lighting environment.