Micro-Grid Service

Micro-grids are quickly becoming one of the most discussed solutions in the energy sector. A micro-grid is essentially a number of power generation and storage resources within clearly defined electrical boundaries. These micro-grids can be designed to provide power to a single building or to an entire community. One of the biggest problems with modern day power demands is an overload on our aging grid. Micro-grids allow you to “island” energy systems to be independent of an increasingly vulnerable grid. The benefits of this solution to the host entity are as follows:

De-centralizing power for resiliency and load control management

  • Resiliency to power outages on the external grid
  • Cost savings due to efficiencies of on-site power generation; significantly less power loss due to minimal transmission and distribution
  • Capitalize on localized combined heat and power for facilities
  • Ability to better predict and control future energy costs

Metamorphosis Energy has the depth of experience and technologies available to address the details involved in the planning and implementation of even the most complex micro-grids. From island resort communities to college campuses, the Metamorphosis team can work with you during the conceptual stages, through the construction period, and ultimately during the monitoring of the operational system. Our team of professionals will help manage your system throughout its entire lifespan, providing a long-term partnership to ensure that your system exceeds all expectations.