The sun is by far our largest renewable energy resource. Solar technology has been around for decades but in the past few years there has been a big drop in the cost of solar and a huge rise in efficiencies—Making solar projects very financially beneficial for consumers.


  • Companies are paying too much of their profit in high power bills and peak demand charges.
  • Reliability issues of an already strained power grid will increase with the global adoption of electric vehicles by virtually all car companies with mandates to go electric by 2020.  Estimates say the demand on the grid will be 3 times greater than it currently is. All businesses  need to do their part to fill some of those energy gaps with their own solar arrays.

We Guide You to the Right Solution

Metamorphosis Energy will guide you so you can make the best choices for your company.

Solar Has become the most competitive energy resource on the market if it is designed, planned and built correctly.

We not only tailor a custom design for your job, but we engage the perfect team from our top tier installation force best suit your industry and needs.  We carefully manage your project from start to finish so you can sit back and relax knowing you’re getting the best product and service available in the industry.

 Whether it’s a multi-MW system to power an entire campus, or a roof-mount system for a single facility, Metamorphosis Energy has the expertise to design systems that meet the power, security needs, and cost requirements of all of our customers.

field of solar battery panels on the farm

Benefits of Solar:


  • One of the many benefits of solar is its simplicity. Unlike many other power generation solutions, it doesn’t require any type of feed stock besides the sun. And because there are no moving components to the hardware, solar is nearly maintenance free for 25+ years. Metamorphosis can also provide daily monitoring of your system to ensure peak performance.


Versatile Application:

  • Metamorphosis Energy has experience installing solar systems for just about every possible application. These installations include:
  • rooftops
  • carport structures in parking lots
  • ground-mount systems on available land
  • shade structures around campuses and company grounds.

Completely Customizable Systems:  

By working with the Metamorphosis Team, we can completely customize your solar PV system to meet your exact energy requirements. These include the following:

  • Comprehensive solutions, including battery storage, to provide for all energy needs
  • Peak shaving – providing solar energy during the most expensive utility rate periods in order to reduce your overall power costs
  • Back-up power during grid outages


Successful Results

You’ll celebrate each month when you are paying less than ever for your electricity needs. Those savings go straight to your company.  Our solar installations are one of the easiest ways available to lower your company’s operating costs.

Tapping into the Earth’s most abundant energy resource and doing your part to reduce carbon in the air we breathe will give you great peace of mind.